Our "100% Satisfaction" Promise


We have been selling optical equipment online since 2001, over that time we have learnt many vital lessons specific to selling this type of product online which has helped us better our services. We realise that buying optics online is difficult, after all there is a lot of choice and many different brands to choose from, some that you may not even have heard of. So many deals look too good to be true, and that makes judging their true value almost impossible. Worst of all you don't get to even look through them!

No doubt you have a budget for your new optics and can easily be convinced you've found a great deal when you see special offers of RRPs reduced from 299 to 149. This is just a marketing technique used by many brands out there today, not just in the optics world. Truth be known, they were never worth 299.

At BestOptics we're trying our best to remedy this problem by offering a satisfaction guarantee, that means you can use the binoculars for an entire month without any risk that at the end you'll be wishing you had spent a little more on them. We want you to try your purchase and be 100% satisfied, not just timidly from your window. We invite you take your new optics into the environment you intend to use them in.

We offer this because we believe you'll be so impressed with your purchase and it's value for money you'll more likely want to come back for your next purchase than send your product back. To protect ourselves we've had to put in some ground rules but we're sure you'll find them fair and helpful.

Return for an Upgraded Exchange

In the case that you are not happy with your purchase and would like to return the item in exchange for an upgraded model we will charge the difference in price, less the cost of your return (upto 5.95), we'll even deliver it back to you at no cost to yourself. Best of all the satisfaction guarantee begins all over again just in case you're not happy with your upgrade.

We're so confident that we have the perfect optics for you that if you have purchased the best model in it's class and you're still not satisfied with your purchase we'll give you a full refund when you send your product back.

Return for Refund

If you would prefer a refund instead of exchanging for an upgraded product, if returned within the satifaction guarantee we will give you a full refund, you'll just have to cover the cost for the return postage.

Even Ex-Demos Offer Guaranteed satisfaction

Of course, the models that are occasionally returned to us are repackaged and sold at a reduced 'Ex-Demo' rate. If you buy one of these you will still get our extended trial period in which you can return the item. However, whether you return for exchange or refund you'll have to cover the cost of postage to return the item to us.

Which Products are Eligible?

Most products are included in this guarantee, however there are a few exceptions, including clearance stock, and a few non optical products. The guarantee is designed to ease your difficulty in choosing from a range of products or from a brand that you haven't yet come to trust, but you'll find our satisfaction guarantee logo indicating that the product is eligible on all product ranges that we think you might have difficulty choosing from, we feel the products not included in this guarantee would be easily known to be unsuitable within the standard 14 day return policy.

Any Questions?

As far as we know there are no other optics retailers currently offering this kind of guarantee, so we understand if it's not something you're familiar with. If you have any questions at all about our service, products or this guarantee, please don't hesitate to call is on number below.

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